Motion sensor digital signage

Most digital signage displays play content in a loop or change according to a fixed time schedule. This old fashion way certainly is not intelligent enough since digital screens today are suppose to have a more efficient way of communication with viewers.

A really smart display should be smart enough to tell whether there is a viewer standing in front of it or not, therefore be able to play relevant content accordingly. This is where Betvis digital signage motion sensor solution comes in.


Betvis solution enables digital signage to response to viewers’ motion, as a way to attract more attention and build an effective communication with customer, and as a result, create more sales opportunities.

The screen is playing commercials when nobody is around. As people come close, it feels people’s coming and starts to show greetings to invite people into a communication. Customers can touch click on the screen to enter a shopping webpage or online shop, and to buy goods directly or add them to cart. They can scan their member cards on kiosk and pay at once or pay later online on their phones.

The motion sensor can detect people for every a few seconds or minutes. The screen can return to its previous commercials when no viewer is detected. The effective distance for detection can also be set according to a real scenario.The screen can also be set to play absolutely nothing when no viewer is detected. In this case, customers could be given a surprise when they walk close to the motion sensor.  In other cases, for example if the screen happens to be a magic mirror, it can stop playing content to work as a mirror when people stand in front of it.

So all in all the application of our motion sensor solution is really only limited by your imagination. To make the solution even more flexible, it is supported by all Betvis digital signage players, including BV-8100, BV-84 and BV-88.