GPS location-based digital signage


Some bus lines and subway lines have voice announcement at each station for landmarks, big companies or well-known shopping destinations. Inspired by this existing trend, location-based digital signage finds its way in public transportation as well. Benefits can be huge, for media operators can sell more advertisements when their ads are related to actual locations, bus lines can look more intelligent and passengers can watch more fresh content rather than stucked with boring bus TV channel.

What Betvis has done on this is overwhelmingly charming and amazing. Bus displays will play according content once they enter a certain radius of a certain bus station. The radius can be defined by operator, allowing for more flexible way of managing. Bus location will be determined by GPS map, google map for example, guaranteeing accurate geographical coordinates.

Every bus belongs to a bus line, which is bound with a specific content playlist. Each playlist includes all sorts of media types and sources, and has on-demand program for each bus station in the line. This structure make it easy to manage the whole system and switch lines among buses. For example, if a bus was temporarily arranged to run at another line in a specific day, the operator can unbind it with its original line and bind it with the new line, just by clicking a few tabs in an intuitive dashboard.

The best part of the system is that it work absolutely seamless with current DSM8 digital signage management system. All operators need to do is add a specific suffix after the original DSM8 login address and the switch is done. Campaigns will still be created and edited in the same familiar way, so no need to worry about learning and managing.