Self-Service Retail Trend – AI Improving Smart Vending Machine

Usually people get in tangle with which product should be selected and purchased. Sometimes it wastes a lot of time because of inconvenience when someone is in urgent need of some things. Smart Vending Machine can successfully deal with this demand. At the same time, it helps merchants to collect market information and achieve precision marketing.

For most people, their imagination still stay on traditional vending machine. Nowadays, combined with AI, vending machine enters into a new era, which leads whole retailing to go to “entirely self-service” status.

On the latest C-star Fair just perfectly closed in Shanghai, China, almost all retail equipment suppliers launch and promote new vending models for various demands in different industries :

  • Standard Spring Slide. ( for products that can keep safe when dropping out : canned&bottled drinks, OTC drugs… )
  • Lift Type. ( for fragile products : wine, eggs.. )
  • Lift Type with Heating. ( for heating foods and drinks. )
  • Functional Type. ( like baking, making ice cream..)

Let us sort out sparkles of these new models :

– Equipped with LCD Touch Screen.

Normally, a 10″/22″/55″ screen would be place at the main area of machine. People choose the product and do follow the tips appear on screen till make the payment. It shows some advertisements when no one touches – these ads position could be rent for extra profits.

– Multi-system Integration

The machine can connect on internet. Multi systems could be integrated to create a complete business mode. Counting System is to count daily turnover of each machine, while CMS System is to manage display contents and submit data to central station. Meantime, each machine is abutted to the third Payment System.

– Data Collection.

Vending Machine with AI would provide a huge market data collection for merchants. Most vending machine are built a camera in. This camera would caputure face of each buyers. With other integrated technoloy, the central room could get such information : a woman/man in which age buy what product. System would collect these data in certain settled chart. All collection should be integrated into “Big Data” to analyze customer behaviours and changing market – then sellers would modify or adjust their product struture through these data, to get a precision marketing, which can increase sales volume and raise brand reputation.

This “One-stop new retail” solution releases consumers from cumbersome shopping, and directly grafts to end customers. Compared with other “smart retail” forms, self-service smart vending machines have more natural advantages in terms of labor cost, occupation area, operating time and maintenance cost.