Ultra Stretched Display Applications

With great space efficiency from its wide screen, Ultra Stretched display has a wide range of applications, such as transportation, supermarket, retail solution, digital menu boards, vending machine and kiosks for theater subtitles and surtitle, shallower menu boards. You can display information and advertisements at the same time. Below is our UltraWide Display applications for reference.


There are some places in supermarket is limited to space, but it is ideal for advertising and promotion if using the UltraWide display in those areas, UltraWide LCD Display is with 32:9 aspect ratio so it is half height of the normal (16:9 aspect ratio) LCD display to save the installation place. With 700nit brightness, it can provide better visibility in the supermarket lighting ambient environment.

Recommended: 38'', 49.2'' Ultra Wide Screens


Shelf Edge and Shelf Topper

Betvis Ultra Stretched Displays can be specially designed to fit on the endcap of the shelf for branding or ads promotion as well as on the shelf edge for price tag information display.

  • Smart Retail Solution including a ultra-wide stretched LCD Panel, signage media player and content management software. The display solution will show the customers the ultra-wide stretched format media to increase sales.
  • Smart Retail Display Solution also can integrate with Camera, Bar code scanner, Card Readers, RFID for different extended purpose of digital signage analytics, product information showing....


Retail Solution

Key Features:

  • 32:9 Extended Wide Format
  • Ultra HD Resolution (3,840 x 1,080)
  • Brightness: 700 cd/m2
  • Interface: HDMI (3), DP, VGA, IR, USB (2)
  • Available Size: 49.2’’, 58.4’’

Digital Menu Boards Solution

Key Features:

  • Web based digital signage software;
  • Manage remotely or locally;
  • High brightness 500nit, 700nit deliver clear image quality;
  • Ultra Stretched Display, suitable for limited spaces on topper.

Recommended: 28'', 38'', 49.2'' Ultra Wide Screens

Transportation - Transportation Station

Ultra-Wide LCD Information Displays usually used in transportation such as for bus/subway/metro/train station and airport, which always requires bar display because of limited space. Ultra Stretch format display, with high brightness, full viewing angle, wide temperature and ruggedness to fit into these diverse environments.

Recommended: 38'' and 49.2'' Ultra Stretch Display


In-vehicle Digital Signage Solution

Stretched Display have been commonly used in vehicle including bus or metro for information display or digital signage display. Generally, they are installed inside vehicle via open-frame ultra wide display, which means customization. Betvis can provide customization service as well as the In-vehicle display solutions according to client's different requirements.

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