4K LCD Video Wall

Betvis is specialized in video wall screens manufacturing, our 4K LCD Video WALL, with original Samsung / LG IPS panel, adopts DLED ( namely: direct-down type) backlight panel, which has a much higher uniform brightness and vibrant colors.  

Users can achieve 4K UHD resolution when they daisy chain multiple displays with the Display Port 1.2 digital loop-out feature, without the cost of external processing scalers and distribution boxes.

4K LCD Video Wall

Key Features:

  • Display Port 1.2 Digital Loop-out can achieve 4K resolution (3840x2160)
  • Narrow bezel: 1.7mm, 3.5mm bezel to bezel
  • Built-in 3D noise reduction, making clear image and outline
  • high brightness: 500 nits & 700 nits
  • Low power consumption and low heat radiation
  • MTBF>5,000hrs, lower the cost of usage and maintenance
  • Available Size: 46'', 49'', 55''
video wall system diagram

Versatile Installation

Easy Wall mounting 

video wall mounting bracket

Standalone bracket

video wall stand bracket

Press & Eject Mounting

press and eject mounting kit for video wall

Cabinet bracket 

video wall cabinet bracket

Case Studies