DSM80 Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software


User-friendly Digital Signage Experiences

  • Dynamic Content Integrations | Scheduling | Multi-zone
  • Cloud Based Digital Signage Platform
  • Web Based Software for Easy Management
  • Easy to use, even no need IT Experience
  • Interactive Digital Signage Software
  • Connect to your Data

DSM80 digital signage software provides a web based user interface accessible to any user from anywhere any time. All thoughtful functions and powerful tools enable users to make their own digital signage system for different industries including retail, QSR, Finance, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation and DOOH.

Free Software for Digital Signage

  • Free for all customers. Our digital signage players comes with ready-to-use software app so customers no need installation, just start player, and configure out network, then can use.
  • Log in web based server software from any web browser anywhere, and manage all your players remotely via network including LAN, WIFI or 3G/4G.
  • Support integration service with Dynamic data including RSS, Webapge, Database and XML.
  • Layout editing, Smart scheduling, Authority management, reporting and statistics for user friendly management.

Main Features of Web-Based Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software
Multiple Network Connectivity
Remotely control
Remotely setting up
Landscape & Potrait

Web Based

Dynamic Data

Group Management

Remote Setting

Multiple Zones


Face Recognization
4K Resolution



Face Recognization

Easy Schedule

4K Resolution


Why DSM80 Web-Based Digital Signage Software?

1. Easy to Use:

Only 3 Steps to Build Your Digital Signage


Step 1: Upload Media to Server Software

Step 2: Layout Making, Contents Adding

Stpep 3: Send Program to Any Players

2. Totally Free of Charge!

Free Forever!

All you need is to buy our Digital Signage Media Player to start your digital signage experience now!

  • ARM Cortex A53, Octa-core, 1GB Memory+16GB Flash
  • 4K&2K Resolution Decoding
  • Loaded with free digital signage software, ready to use
  • HDMI Input optional
  • AV Input optional
  • HDMI, VGA Output
  • LAN+WiFi Default, 3G/4G Optional