Metro & Subway Digital Signage Solution


Nowadays, public transportation is not just about convenience and safety, information and entertainment count as well. Railway stations and subways can utilize LCD screens to upgrade facilities and provide better public services. With reliable system performance and unique hardware design, Betvis metro digital signage system features efficient media distribution and powerful FHD video encoding and decoding, and it helps media agency to render passengers with better eye-catching dynamic information.

Subway Solution

Product Display:

a. Advertising Media Player Box

1080p advertisement player

Octa-core Digital Signage Player Box

Quad-core Digital Signage Media Player Box

b. Stretched LCD Monitor

Ultrawide 4K LCD display

38 Inch Ultra Wide Stretched Bar LCD

28 Inch Stretched Bar LCD Display

c. Full HD 1080p LCD Monitor

Subway LCD Monitor

22 Inch Full HD LCD Screen

24 Inch 1080p LCD Monitor

Key Features:

  • Anti-electromagnetic LAN cables ensure high-quality 1080p display
  • Shake-proof with robust metal housing
  • Industrial-class original LCD panel
  • Screens in high precision synchronization
  • Broadcast emergency message from priority mechanism
  • Display and announce next stop and door opening (integrated with PIS)
  • Open Frame mounting (Optional)
  • Built-in UTP sender and receiver
  • Powered by user-friendly DSM80 CMS software

Connection Diagram:

Subway DS Connection Diagram

Solution: BV-88 Signage Media Player Box + Stretched LCD Monitor


Solution: BV-84 Advertisement Media Player Box + 16:9 Full HD Monitor + Stretched LCD Bar Type Screen


Turkey Subway
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Metro

Istanbul, Turkey Subway Digital Signage Project

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Metro Digital Signage Project

BANKOK BTS, Thailand Project
Shanghai Metro Digital Signage2

Bankok BTS, Thailand Railway Digital Signage Project

Shanghai, China Subway Digital Signage Project