Healthcare & Hospital Digital Signage

Digital signage is here and there in the hospital and healthcare, including hospital way-finding kiosk, dynamic digital information board, and small size clinic information screen. Betvis digital signage displays can be utilized to communicate with patients and comforts them from illness, inform employees and effectively control the flow of patients coming into hospitals. Betvis Digital Signage System allows anyone to easily build and manage a centrally controlled network of dynamic displays. Screens/Kiosks connected to DSM80 software are controlled from a central location through any IP-based network including LAN, WAN, wired or wireless, 3G, 4G. Digital signage can benefit hospital or healthcare in:

  • Way-finding kiosks in hospital entrance enable your patients and visitors navigate and go to destination easily
  • Information screens in waiting areas can eliminate patient’s anxiety, alleviate frustration and shorten perceived wait times
  • Inform patients of registration, financial assistance, and emergency information
  • Conveying wellness tips to help patients improve their health
  • Display ads on pills or healthy products to generate revenues

Study Cases

hospital way finding kiosk

43" 49" 55" way finding kiosk in hospital lobby 

  • PC-based, integrated with windows system
  • IR touch screen, better interaction with visitors
  • Protected by thick metal housing and tempered glass against vandalism
  • Wifi and 3G wireless network, also fast Ethernet available

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Narrow Bezel Digital Wall Mount Display at window

  • With easy-to-operate CMS software, information with multi media can be delivered immediately and remotely.
  • Text area with information to guide patient in the right queue
  • Entertaining videos, social media, RSS live feed to comfort the patient
hospital digital signage
Hospital digital information display


19" 22" Small size display for each clinic

Digital displays can be placed in each doctor’s room to show the medical information and hospital information and patient number

Create smart system with Integration of 3rd party’s system including queueing system and other systems as you requested.