Education Digital Signage Solution

With the development of modern technology, Smart Campus is a trend. Betvis offers a powerful and flexible communication method for campus culture through a wide range of digital signage solutions. Kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities all can benefit from the real-time messaging capabilities and high impact content of a professionally installed digital signage system. From creating content to scheduling to distribution and playback, Betvis digital signage can handle everything in a single network. For college campus, building lobbies and student unions, which see the most student traffic, have become the most popular targets for digital messaging system.

Education Digital Signage Player

Product Display:

a. Anti-glare Full HD LCD Screen Kiosk

Education Network Digital Sinage
Library Kiosk

Anti-glare Kindergarten Education Kiosk

LCD Screen Kiosk Network Signage Player

b. Wall Mount All-in-One Network Player

Wall Mount Campus
Sayings Stretched LCD Player

Standard Wall Mount Advertising Player

29 Inch Ultra Wide Monitor

It enables you to:

  • display school news and update information from cloud-based CMS80 software;
  • share emergency messages and instructions on what to deal with it;
  • post local and academic event schedules to drive attendance;
  • display school culture, model of the campus, profile of the school;
  • provide navigational assistance by displaying building directories and school way-finding maps;
  • promote healthy meals and show nutritional information on the cafeteria digital menu board;
  • display lecture information, clubs' activities, social media to keep students engaged;
  • display festive greetings and celebrities' sayings;
  • show internship and on-campus recruiting schedules, etc.



Key Features:

  • Powered by cloud-based DSM80 CMS Software;
  • Content network updated via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, built-in 3G/4G module;
  • Automatically restart whenever any malfunction happens to recover to normal;
  • Full time operation 24/7/365;
  • Support dynamic data from RSS, Webpage, social media and database;
  • Audio can be added as background music to play along with the program;
  • Support multi-area display, flexible layout of multiple content areas;
  • Touch screen function for interactive experience, like information query, way finding, etc.


Digital Class Signage

Kindergarten Classroom

Digital Class Sign Board


Classroom Digital Signage

Library Digital Signage