Corporate Digital Signage

Corporate digital signage is the trend due to its efficiency in terms of internal communication and current resource utilization. With the help of digital sign board, companies can strengthen corporate culture by various methods, like goal distribution, performance praising, festival greetings, information publishing. Betvis LCD screen signage can be located almost anywhere in the workplace, such as reception hall, elevator, meeting room, office.


1. Wall Mount All-in-One LCD Digital Signage Player

Wall Mount Digital Signage

Size Available:

22", 32", 49", 55", etc.

It enables you to:

  • display company information and warm tips;
  • display emergency alerts and instructions, such as tornado shelter and other public safety information during storms;
  • assign meeting room in advance;
  • make safety reminders and statistics public;
  • display training reminders, etc.

2. Digital Signage Media Player Box

1080p advertisement player
Media Player Box Connection

Octa-core Advertising Player Box

Solution: BV-88 + DSM80 CMS + LCD Screen

Key Features:

  • All of the digital signage players can be remotely managed by DSM80 CMS software;
  • Network update (LAN and Wi-Fi by default, 3G/4G optional);
  • Full time operation 24/7/365;
  • Working with touch screen for interactive experience, like information query or way finding;
  • Support all of the mainstream formats of video, audio, picture and scrolling text;
  • Dynamic data can be brought in from RSS link, webpage, social media and database, etc.



Video Wall Near the Elevator

Wall Mount LCD Screens at the Reception Hall

Wall mount
Dining Room

Wall Mount Sign Board in the Meeting Room

Digital Signage in the Dining Room