Bus Digital Signage Solution

Betvis Bus digital signage solution is a fully embedded solution to manage digital signage content without connecting external devices, which combined with media player functionality via System-on Chip (SoC).

Betvis Bus Digital Signage LED Display is a narrow-frame, Slim LED Digital Signage player, it consists a LED display integrated with network media player, which is based on DSM80 Management software. It is featured with simple installation, centralized management, web-based management software, etc.

Betvis was able to build a reliable solution that met power supply issues on the bus. Bus LED Digital Signage Player is able to communicate with the server via Wireless Network such as WiFi, 3G/4Gnetwork. The contents downloaded from the wireless network from the server to the SD Card inside the player for local display.


Bus Digital Signage Products Lines


Bus Digital Signage Solution


Solution I: 2 screens for each Bus for Different Contents Playing

Betvis can provide two independent digital signage screens on each bus to display different contents on different bus displays, and which can be remotely controlled and managed from a central location via network including WiFi and 3G/4G.

Bus_DS Solution

Solution II: 2 screens for each Bus for Synchronization

Betvis can provide synchronization for 2 bus displays on each bus, the master display is with built-in signage player and the second bus display is only LCD Monitor, which can receive same content from master display via HDMI cable. HDMI cable has retention screws against the mobile running environment on bus.


Solution III: Multiple Screens for each Bus for Synchronization

Betvis can provide synchronization for multiple displays (no limitation on the quantities of bus displays) on bus for synchronization with help of Transmitter/TX and Receiver/RX via CAT5/CAT6 cable to deliver Full HD 1080P content to each bus screens for synchronization, which is suitable for double decks of bus.

Bus_DS Sync_Solution