Banking and Finance Digital Signage

Banks today offer an increasing range of products and services, making it more important than ever to communicate with customers in more efficient ways.  A well-designed digital signage system is what banks and financial institutions can bank on for better communications with customers.

Betvis bank digital signage solution makes everything easier from updating financial information, promoting financial products and services to reinforcing brand confidence, featuring engaging display and competitive costs.

Bank Digital Signage

Product Display:

a. Media Player Box Solution

Display Effect

Lite Version Octa-core Digital Signage Media Player Box (BV-88-Lite)

Connection Diagram of BV-88-Lite

b. Full HD All-in-One LCD Screen Kiosk

LCD Screen Kiosk

Size Available:

43", 49", 55", 65", etc.

It enables you to:

  • display financial products and information in the lobby, beside the teller machine and reception area;
  • improve your banks corporate image and customer experience;
  • display map nearby to guide your customers;
  • promote your financial products and make survey on your service and products;
  • improve your employee's working efficiency;
  • boost up-selling and cross-selling banking products and services
  • display relevant information to target customer in real time
  • educate customers with engaging content and reduce perceived waiting time, etc.

c. Wall Mount All-in-One Network Digital Signage

Size Available:

32", 43", 49", etc.

It enables you to:

  • display currency exchange rate and other current financial information;
  • connect and educate your clientele on the many products and services that your branch offers;
  • improve the in-branch customer experience;
  • provide entertainment for your patrons, helping decrease perceived waiting time;
  • integrate the queue management system into DSM80 CMS Software;
  • improve brand confidence and customer loyalty;
  • reinforce corporate communications among branches;
  • target directly to your potential customers, etc.
LCD Screen

Key Features:

  • Powered by user-friendly DSM80 CMS Software;
  • Media content updated via network (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, built-in 3G/4G module);
  • Players automatically restart whenever any malfunction happens to recover to normal;
  • Support full HD content encoded in H.265 for better video quality and memory saving;
  • Support multi-area display, such as video area, picture area, text area, time and weather area, etc;
  • Support any third-party Android application to be integrated with DSM80 Software.

Queue Management System

Digital Signage in the Waiting Area

Wall Mount DS Bank

Kiosk Close to the Wall in Business Lobby

Wall Mount Digital Signage on the Pillar