Stretched Display

Betvis stretched displays offer various sizes and possibilities to deliver incredible effect to all viewers. Join us now to stretch your  sight of view as well as your business oppotunity with some of the best stretched digital signage solutions. 

Stretched display main-Betvis digital signage


Imagine that all the screens are stretched to the exact correct size to fit perfectly into all the narrow places.


You don't have to worry about the screens being too big or too heavy because they have a compact design and a slim look.


With HD or 4K display, these screens will bring people the ultimate experience and enjoyment of the senses.

It has

High quality display

  • HD or 4K display resolution
  • Smooth playback and switching effects

All the different sizes

  • It has all the sizes you'll ever need.
  • It comes in different colors and housings.
  • It can be installed in flexible ways.
Stretched displays-Betvis digital signage

The industries it can serve

Truly all-purpose digital signage display

Software features

  • Flexible network
  • Various hardware
  • Login device independent
  • Unlimited number of players
  • Rich file formats
  • Live feeds
  • Interactive content
  • Smooth switching
  • Remote setup
  • Remote control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Online/offline mode
  • Playback statistics
  • System report
  • Player logs
  • User logs
  • Content approval
  • Multi-layer account permissions
  • Login authentication
  • Player password protection
  • Hardware docking
  • Database docking
  • Interface customization
  • Function customization


Let's see what it has achieved
Stretched display application-bus-Betvis digital signage

Stretched display on bus

Stretched display application-shopping mall-Betvis digital signage

Stretched display in shopping mall

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